Air Handler Software

A fully-integrated software application for the design, selection and manufacture of AHUs

  Advanced AHU selection software by Computair

Computair is a leading developer of software for the design, selection and manufacture of AHUs.

Formed in 1980 and still growing, we have developed a reputation for market-leading, bespoke technical software for the HVAC-R sector. WinTADS, our AHU design software, was the first program ever created by Computair, and we are justly proud of its global success. When you look at an Air Handler, whether it’s in North America or Eastern Europe, there is a good chance it will have been designed using Computair software.

Our software is constantly evolving. In business, as in life, people are leaving their desktops behind and using tablets and mobiles. The expectation is that even everyday communication can be done on the move. We have designed our software to work on all standard platforms in use today. Future plans are focused on developing a fully web-based alternative for users. 

Air Handler design software 

WinTADS is a fully-integrated software application for the design, sale and manufacture of Air Handling Units (AHUs). WinTADS works from basic principles, which allow for standard or completely custom units to be designed. Standard unit sizes may be entered and height, width and length can be varied. The system displays information allowing the operator to make their optimum selection based on a job’s individual requirements.

We are continually developing and enhancing the WinTADS range and there is a program to suit your needs, from WinTADS Lite, which caters for standard, pre-engineered AHUs, to WinTADS Manufacturing, which caters for custom units and can accommodate even the most complex of requirements.

No CAD is required – drawings can be exported in 2D or 3D DXF and DWG formats.

WinTADS process

Start with the administration – establish your references/ranges, and obtain the right unit size  by selecting from a grid of viable options.

Design your unit by dragging and dropping the right components to make up the unit. Then select the details of each component required. Add vestibules and section unit, and divide into shipping sections for transportation.

Next, derive a price from costs with mark-up and finally, generate outputs/drawings and manufacturing details.  The program can produce a technical specification, 3D drawing and cost breakdown.


Computair’s AHU design software is suitable for use by manufacturers, sales reps and engineers. It provides the ability to design, price, quote and draw AHUs quickly and accurately, without the need for CAD. It is extremely versatile and can be customised to meet the needs of the user, whether they require standard, pre-engineered Air Handling Units or a highly advanced program which offers complex manufacturing possibilities.

WinTADS is fully customisable to your manufacturing needs, allowing side-by-side, double-deck or in-line combinations and offering the capacity to incorporate specific supplier DLLs. With Revit export now also available, WinTADS is user-friendly, fully flexible and does what you need it to. 

Language and global reach

The software currently supports many different languages and we are constantly adding new ones. So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we can support your native language.

If you export your products to other countries, you can allow your people to use the software in their native language, which can really streamline your sales operations.

Computair already supplies software to the countries shaded blue. 

Global reach

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